Thrive in Paris Recap (Video)

About my vacation, AKA How to thrive while traveling.  

Here's how it went.

Travel throws a whole lot at'cha all at once, especially if you eat a particular diet or need a certain amount of rest each night.  Or even if you're just a normal human, living out of a suitcase will take a toll.

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This short 1:58 video gives a few real-time updates from France, my first big trip after my Big diagnosis. 

It's a nice refresher for anyone who tends to forget some self-care basics while in a whirlwind of travel. 

Which is pretty much everyone.  


I would love to hear about any tips you have for acclimating to travel and thriving when out of your daily comfort zone.  

Let me know what challenges you've overcome, or are still trying to work through. Leave a comment or a helpful tip, I want to hear YOUR story.