Thank YOU for supporting Thrive with MS

Hello dear friend-of-Thrive with MS. 

You have no idea what your support means to me.  

I was reading the MS Society's blog this week, and was struck by the stories and comments from many about how, well, unsupportive some people in their personal networks are.  

Since MS has many (what they call) invisible symptoms --such as cognitive impairment, exhaustion, and internal aches or sensitivity--it can be difficult to communicate what's really going on to others.

And I mean, talk about a bummer of a conversation. 

And until the symptoms hit the big time- like if walking becomes affected- some people feel that their friends and family don't understand what's going on, or that it's not even a real disease.  


While we each get to choose how much weight we allow a diagnosis to take up within our psyche, we are still called by a diagnosis to be present to our body and soul. It becomes a balancing act; honoring the body and the diagnosis to live in a way that supports health and healing, while not letting ourselves fall into the role of "victim" or "sick person."

And it is in finding that balance, that we can find our way through to thriving.

While this has been an incredibly personal journey for me, I come back to my thought that I started this note with: I am so incredibly grateful for your support, because whatever path I am charting is elevated by you- reading this email, visiting my site, watching my videos, asking me how I'm doing, sending silent prayers, and whispering kind words with your heart. 

I feel it all, and I am so very thankful to have you with me on this journey.

Reading the comments on the MS site made me feel as if I have a very different type of disease. Maybe it's because I've found an effective mix of Eastern & Western treatments that works for me. Maybe it's because I know both Mind + Soul are needed for the Body's healing. And maybe it's because of you. 

And with your love and support, I am bolstered and help others.
Thank YOU for your very real role in this beautiful infinity loop.