Postcard: New York

I recently made a short film that was a sort of ode to New York, and a bit of my diagnosis story.  While I send the film around to film festivals, I'm not sharing the film online (but I will soon!)

Until then, I'll share the impetus for making the film (below), and the good news that it's been "Preselected" for the Cinema New York film festival! 


Director's Statement for Postcard: New York
I shot footage in New York with the intention of creating a trailer that would be used (or so I thought) to raise funds on a crowdfunding site for a documentary about patient empowerment for those (of us) diagnosed with incurable diseases. In the weeks after the shoot, I saw that we captured so much more than b-roll; we captured a love story.  

Deciding that this would be art-driven rather than information-focused, marked a personal turning point. Previously, my drive had been to create something empowering for others, primarily because I thought it was my duty to do so. But after seeing these raw elements, I chose to follow—and put stock in—my deeper creative instinct and non-traditional aesthetic as a filmmaker.  

I let the beautiful images and music lead, and originally though the short would be comprised of just those components. But there was more story there. At the very least I wanted to share my slice of New York history.  

Every element of sound and imagery in Postcard: New York was chosen because it spoke to the dreaminess rooted in the reality of NYC, and the longing to walk through the dream that that city fosters. 

A still from Postcard: New York

A still from Postcard: New York