Praise for Thriving with MS

Praise for Mary's Meditations

Mary Cunningham crusader for love
"Meditating with Mary is energizing and joyful. I had started the morning with my head full of numbers as I'd just been reviewing budgets. Afterwards I felt lighter and more willing to embrace the day. One of my co-workers told me I looked very different from before the meditation and that I was radiating positive energy. Mary is focused and sunny and beautiful, inside and out." 

Helen Benham, Owner & President, Soho Sanctuary

"In a busy world where we are all rushing to the next thing, Mary helps you linger just a little longer in the lovely spots inside that can only be accessed with her expert guidance." 

Suzanne Boothby, Author of The After Cancer Diet and Coming Clean

"As an entrepreneur I have a lot of things going on and sometimes feel quite stressed about my business. Working with Mary helped me see opportunities to create a better daily routine and how to facilitate a more productive and happy work environment for my team. And having Mary guide me through meditation led me to a deeper awareness and centeredness that helped focus my company vision and created peace for me personally."

Jutta Haaramo, Founder & CEO, Stylewhile

"Mary Cunningham is a true crusader for love and as a meditation teacher and coach, she reveals to all of us the harmony that is available within, while allowing our intrinsic value to unfold in the work we do in the world as leaders, entrepreneurs and pioneers for the planet."

Jennifer Kass, Holistic Happiness Coach and Spiritual Guide

"After meditating with MJC, I realize my Higher Self knows myself better than I do."

Van Moody, Corporate Tax Planning Expert