Thrive: Prepping for Paris (Video)

Thrive while Traveling.

I am beyond excited for my upcoming trip to France.
J'adore travel. J'adore Pair-ee.

Yet it can be a challenge to feel empowered when traveling if you are working with some new health issues. 

Well, challenge accepted! 

In this video I share:

~ my techniques to prepare for Parisian cuisine (even though I'm gluten- and dairy-free nowadays).

~ an honest chat about travel as a major stress factor, and how out-of-control we feel when we aren't, well, in control

~ how to work with the mind+body+spirit to enjoy and savor life, even when managing new health concerns. 

~ ...and OMG, I cut off my hair! 

Oui, Oui!

I would love to hear about any struggles you have had, or what challenges you have overcome in the name of THRIVING.  

Leave a comment or a helpful tip, I want to hear YOUR story.

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And until then, au revoir!
Or <arr revroor> as we say in Texas.