Shifts in perception that rock our world.

There are moments that completely rock your world, turn it upside down and spit you out with a new perception forevermore. 

Like when you realized that Like a Rolling Stone was written by Bob Dylan, not the Rolling Stones. 

Or when your parents explain how babies are made...and that your parents did thatto make you. Ewwww.

Like when you find out that the doctors who you entrust with your care don't actually know everything about the human body. (Like you so hoped they would.)

Or like when you realize it's your responsibility to care for your body, and that no one else can. 

All of those can be jarring (especially the Rolling Stone one, amiright?!) 

Similarly mind blowing: learning and understanding and knowing that the body can actually heal.

That it is a healing machine.

And that the choices we make in our lifestyle, as simple as food and sleep and so many others we make every minute, can contribute to our healing. 

Reversing chronic disease. Reversing brain damage. We have the power to do that. 

Because we are healing machines.