Reversing Brain Damage Like a Boss

Some amazing things have happened recently. I wanted to share.

Looking back to last year, in those first couple of weeks after being diagnosed with MS, the doctors told me--very gingerly-- that they would not be able to reverse the damage to my brain with the medicine that they wanted to put me on.  

This medicine they were recommending would/ should stop future attacks, and that's the most they were hoping for.  

They didn't mention the ability to reverse brain damage.

Thank all that is amazing that people directed me to Dr. Terry Wahls, an MD who had reversed her MS--from being in a wheelchair back to walking.

That was my inspiration. My awareness opened, and I had an entirely new perspective on this disease that had seemed so scary, impenetrable and "incurable."

I am so grateful that I came into this diagnosis with the awareness that it COULD be reversed. Because it can. But this concept is still somewhat revolutionary to some (like the multiple doctors I met with).  


But hopefully the more I share my story, the more that everyone will realize that we can reverse damage to the body.  

I did.  

I got my 1-year MRI results back, and the comparison to the previous MRI showed that: a) "many or most" or my lesions have decreased in size, b) one lesion seems to no longer be visible (meaning it's gone!) and c) one new lesion appeared (most probably) in the time before I started taking the medication to quell the immune attacks. (So that little guy should be reduced too by next year.)

Conventional meds can stop new damage (as was the case in that lesion that was created before I started my prescription), but reversing damage-- which is another way to say regenerating brain matter, something we could all use more of as we age--is something the body can do when it's supported.  

I've dedicated this year to supporting my body and the results are more astounding than I could ever have imagined.  

I look forward to sharing this information with as many people as possible. I seek to empower and educate others, so I tell this story with you so that you can begin to look at "dis-ease" in the body differently too.  

We are beautiful, dynamic, magical beings.
Let a diagnosis never take that away, but allow us to see that magic more clearly.