Health Update: 10 Months Living with MS

Hi guys! 

The most common question I get is, "How are you feeling?", so I decided to give you all a quick health update. As I approach my first year anniversary of I've been living with my MS diagnosis, I can see stages of my healing, both past and current; from nourishing stillness to invigorating activity.  It feels good! 

First Stage of Healing: The first months were focused on eating properly (meaning getting real nutrition), sleeping 8 hours and learning to rest and take care of myself above all else.  

Stage Two is coming to me as a call to work my body; to regain strength (the gun show's in town!) and allow for energy flow- physically and energetically.  

Watch if: 

  • you are experiencing pain with MS or trying to figure out the first steps to healing
  • you want to see me shamelessly flex ma' biceps on camera

To all those thriving with MS, or any diagnosis, let me know how you're feeling and ask me any questions about how I approach this path to health, self-care, self-love. Tweet @MeditatewMary or leave a comment!