My magic equation:

Health Care = Self Care. 

Self Care = Self Love.

We improve our health when we improve our self

SELF-LOVE SESSIONS: from crisis to empowerment

Consider booking a Self-Love Session for immediate needs stemming from health, financial or emotional distress.  

During this 75-minute session, we will create a safe place to release fears, align with your inner guide and start to shine like the beautiful crazy diamond that you are.  I will listen to you, provide health and wellness tools, and guide you to connect with your truth. 

My personal experience, I know that after a massive life development or scary diagnosis we usually need a reboot for a new, improved focus on life.  I will teach you tools for shredding fears and connecting with that most awesome of awesomes- your intuition.

This process produces high-level energy that illuminates a path to living in alignment with your mind, body and soul. This is the path of love, self-love and self-care.  If this state of being feels far from where you are now, don't worry, it's not. We all have higher, lighter energies inside, ready to guide us to a happier state of being.  

Removing fear and connecting with intuition are the basics for moving into an empowered (and plain ole happy) state of being. Whatever is blocking that- financial stress, physical ailments, high-level work stress, family tension, heartbreak, overarching fears, sleepless nights- I have been there.


Feelings of inner light and beauty are real.  They can find their way back to you, and easily.

But it starts with conscious determination to make a change.  And once you do, I'm here for you. Right there with you along the path.


I do not prescribe a course of healing. Using meditation techniques and spiritual teachings to align mind + body + spirit, we work to connect with your unique brand of healing.  

We will identify what is blocking enlightened thoughts.

We will release pain and emotions. 

You will learn how to dismantle fears.

You will connect with your personal healing energy.

I will teach tools for sustaining your path forward.  

Email me to Book a Self-Love Session ($222): 

Includes 75-minute session via Skype or phone and with an additional 20-minute follow up one week later.

Ongoing coaching options available.

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