MARY JOAN CUNNINGHAM is on a mission to empower individuals to see their diagnoses differently. 

A health and wellness activist, meditation guide, and the creator of Thrive with MS, Mary harmonizes mind, body and spirit for high-vibe healing. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2014, she immediately put into practice her spiritual teachings, helping transform what could have been her darkest hour into her most illuminating moment to shine.



Mary Joan Cunningham is a meditation guide who leads clients to increased focus, relaxation and empowerment through transformational energy balancing sessions. Her purpose is to enable everyone to find and harness his or her unique, innate healing power.

Creator of the Demystifying Meditation workshop, month-long Meditation Masterclass for Love + Business, and Gratitude meditation series in New York City, Mary is now located in Central Texas, working with clients via Skype and in person, using various meditating modalities to customize her healing programs.

From business owners to homemakers, she's counseled others on ways to incorporate mindfulness into their days, and how to embrace their unique talents for the benefit their health, their relationships and the world. Her guided sessions of stillness + focus allow both beginners and those experienced with meditation to harness the mind and focus energy to clear out that which blocks enlightened visions and inner joy. The result is space for new energy, manifestations, and alignment with one's best self. As a Health and Wellness Activist, she has appeared on HuffPost Live speaking about the importance or meditating and how to get started. She also writes for the MSConnections blog and Huffington Post. Diagnosed with MS in 2014, Mary is on a mission to empower individuals to see their diagnoses differently.

Entrepreneurial & Corporate Life

Before becoming a meditation guide, Mary worked for many years in entertainment; in film finance, and at the GRAMMY Awards in Los Angeles. Then moving to New York, the city of her dreams, Mary worked in Nokia’s digital music group and app store, before leaving to co-found the lifestyle site, Girl Around Town. 



My mission is to help others thrive. 

As a meditation guide I have worked with entrepreneurs and corporate executives, artists and homemakers. Trained in kundalini healing therapy, and using a chakra healing protocol I've developed over 9 years guiding meditations, I mentor others in discovering their best self, removing the "gunk" that clogs daily life and draws us away from higher level existence. 

The tools that I used as a meditation guide saved me from the mental and emotional anguish of anxiety, and prepared me to receive a recently MS diagnosis with grace and peace. With this new diagnosis, I am on a mission to prove an "incurable disease" curable, reversible and thrive-able, and empower those with a life-altering diagnosis to see it differently. 

I am inspired by the work I do because I observe the wonderful transformations of those connecting with inner joy and bliss. This bliss is always with us, but busy daily lives often remove us from connecting with this inner richness. 

Meditation is a tool to connect with personal needs, making it a vital part of a healing plan for any health diagnosis or dis-ease of the body, mind or spirit.